My First module with Codeignitor : CRUD Part 1

After starting with Codeignitor my first learning module was Just a CRUD and it took me a long time to settle with the basic codebase for my application.

I am using HMVC (will add another post for HMVC) in my Application so my URL contains the module names also.

What I am going to achieve:

1. List the Records

2. Pagination for these records

3. Ability to change the display limit of records per page

4. Paging information / Record Information (like showing 11 to 20 of 300 Records)

5. Search / Filter for the Records

6. Sort on the headings of the records.

7. Add the Records

8. Edit/Update the records

9. Delete the Records

10. View the details of single record.

<code>echo ‘this’;</code>


echo ‘this’;



My First Experience with Codeignitor

After 10 years of PHP development, I got a chance to develop something with codeignitor. I fount it awesome experience, the simplest framework ever developed. I had to revamp a legacy application developed long back in php 4 and the application had a good user base. I had to stick with the working database schema and reuse the same, because migrating schema was almost impossible at this stage. Codeignitor fits my requirement and I found it best PHP framework I ever worked with.

Thanks to all contributors!